Element 3D V2

Element 3D V1 completely changed my game: it allowed me to go to a new level and create worlds and animations that would have taken me hours upon hours to learn in another program. Best of all, I could do it in the After Effects environment I was so familiar with.

Element 3D Version 2, I'm happy to say, is a huge leap forward... again! With the much-anticipated release, we now have another game-changer courtesy of the Video Copilot team!

Some of the new features:

  • Shadows and Improved Ambient Occlusion
  • Dynamic Reflection Maps
  • 3D Noise and Deform tools: Bend, Twist and Taper
  • Aux Animations for controlling animation inside of AE
  • Per-Material Transfer Modes
  • Per-Material Wireframe
  • Sub Surface Scattering Materials
  • New Bevel tool for beveling edges
  • Brand new Interface with dozens of improvements
  • Physical Shader System (One of my favorites)
  • Auto Texture Loading (Oh Yeah!)
  • And many more!



Below is an example of how some of the new features help create our entry for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl Contest.


Auto Texture Loading

I like to purchase models from sites like Daz 3D. Texturing objects used to be a very painful process. I love the new feature! Just make sure you have your OBJ, MTL, and the mapped textures in the same folder, and Element will do the rest. Beautiful!


This is such an amazing update, I can't wait to see what they do next!

Go to Video Copilot to get Element 3D V2. You won't regret it.