Bran Muffins: A Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Movie

We wanted to film inside a vehicle with virtual rain, and we wanted to film with our sexy, sexy new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens.

For this project, we got filmmaker Harry Papavlosopoulos of SWG Films and actress Laura Allen to help us out. 

We set up our portable green screen inside our garage, but it's February in Okotoks, so it was still freaking cold. You can see Laura's and my breath in a lot of the shots. 

The Sigma 18-35 F 1.8 shows its clarity and sharpness in the movie. Laura is blonde, and blonde hair is usually harder to key, but we were able to keep an impressive amount of detail. Harry happened to bring his Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera, which we've never used before. He shot a couple of additional angles and we used one shot for the opening closeup of Laura.  For audio we're using a Rode shotgun NTG-2 mic plugged into the Zoom H4N.

Here's the storyboard we used to set up the shots. I drew this using the SketchBook for Galaxy app in my Note 3.

And no, I didn't.