Big Rock Beer Appropriateness Guide

Big Rock Beer holds an annual commercial contest called The Eddies. We decided to make an entry based on when Big Rock is and is not appropriate. This was the most collaborative project we've made to date. We went to various locations and brought our gear with us, which used to be a huge pain because our softboxes are tough to pack around; now that we have portable LEDs, that's no longer an issue. With any luck, we'll win, but regardless, we're very happy with the results!

A big thank you to our actors: Laura Allen, Harry Papavlasopoulos, Joel McGregor, Jon Medd, Aaron Fransen, and special thanks to Justin Masson, who played a role and also provided an excellent voiceover.

Also thanks to the Costume Shoppe for providing the alien hands props!


Vampire Skit
Woman in White - Laura Allen
Dracula - Harry Papavlasopoulos

Soldier Skit
Soldier - Joel McGregor
Mime - Elisa Friesen

Bond Skit
Bond - Justin Masson
Waiter - Chris Friesen
Goldfinger - Chris Friesen

Driving Skit
Driver - Elisa Friesen

Ninja Skit
Black Ninja - Elisa Friesen
White Ninja - Chris Friesen

Alien Chicks Pickup Skit
Guy - Chris Friesen
3 Alien Chicks - Elisa Friesen

Office Skit
Office Employee - Jon Medd
Office Boss - Aaron Fransen

Voice Over
Justin Masson

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