Late Night at the Plaza

Karlee and Kyle's artist friends made some stand-ins to fill the audience just in case attendance is slim.

Karlee and Kyle's artist friends made some stand-ins to fill the audience just in case attendance is slim.

Two weeks ago Chris got a phone call from a girl named Karlee, asking if he wanted to be on her talk show at the Plaza to talk about filmmaking. 

About a year ago, Chris and I were at Sam's bar downtown, where Chris got talking with the bartender, showed him a video, and gave him a business card. It turns out the bartender was Kyle, Karlee's boyfriend. Karlee's a filmmaker, Kyle is a writer and co-host on their talk show along with co-host Logan, and a whole bunch of their friends help them with sound, lighting, and projection.

Late Night at the Plaza has been running for about 10 weeks, every Wednesday night at midnight at the Plaza theatre in downtown Calgary, hosted by Logan and Kyle. Logan's the man behind the desk while Kyle sits in a corner wearing a bathrobe and eating popcorn. They make satirical remarks about the week's news and propose movies they want to see, like Jackie Chan as Bruce Lee, or Herbie The Love Bug and Stephen King's Christine in a romantic comedy gone sour. They also show videos of Kyle interviewing Calgarians on the street (like sneaking into Calgary Folkfest and asking people funny questions), have a segment called "Dusty's Sandwich" where a blindfolded audience member must eat a sandwich and identify the ingredients, have musical guests on the stage (Steve Evanik was this week's singer/songwriter), and interview guests. Logan also performed, alongside Steve, an amazingly fast paced rap song he wrote. 

Chris and I were the guests last week! We got to have our demo reel and some of our short films shown on the Plaza's big screen, then got to talk about our process as filmmakers, as well as answer burning questions such as, "If you had to eat a shaker full of pepper or a shaker full of salt, which would you eat?"

Karlee, Kyle, Logan, and their friends have additional plans for their own feature films. We look forward to collaborating with them, and we hope to have them help us out on our own features! They were a very cool group of people.