With all the work and planning that has to be done before you even turn on the camera, filmmaking can be quite daunting. We are trying to look at it as not one big challenge, but many little ones. Tackling smaller projects one at a time will help us prepare for these challenges before we move on to our goal: feature-length films. 

Some projects are to experiment with lighting, try a new effect shot, or just make something fun and entertaining. We really want to try whatever we can think of.

We are based in the Calgary/Okotoks area and we want to build a network within the enormous pool of talent available here. If you are an actor/actress looking to add something to your demo reel and would like to be part of one of our short films, please contact us! Include a little information about yourself (photo, special skills) and any demo reels (if applicable) to help us determine if you would be a good fit for any of our future projects. Please note that our YouTube skits are unpaid: they are just ways for us to develop our skills.

If you're interested, please contact us at social@shotlistfilms.com.